december19 partners with rising star British athletes


B Corp media agency december19 has signed an agreement with 5 rising star British athletes to help bring their company values to life.

The partnership will see december19 embed their core values through an annual engagement program which each of the 5 athletes will support through events, social media, speaking appearances, PR & content creation. 

The 5 British athletes, all with their eyes on Olympic & Paralympic 2024 qualification, include world champion marathon canoeist Bethany Gill; GB Boxing’s Ellis Trowbridge; Commonwealth Games judo gold medallist Lachlan Moorehead; blind England footballer Azeem Amir; & long distance British swimming champion Amber Keegan.

Dan Pimm, co-founder of december19, “We have always taken great pride in supporting grass-roots sport with local football & cricket clubs, We are delighted to take this to a new level with this exciting partnership with AMG. The 5 athletes we will be supporting offer the perfect representation for our company values & we look forward to helping with their future success which in-turn, aligns with our growth ambitions.”

CEO & Founder of AMG Mark Middlemas said of the partnership, “Athletes & businesses make powerful partners especially when it comes to aligned values. The partnership will add much needed profile & financial support for these fantastic athletes to progress their sporting journeys & allow december19 to embed their core values in an innovative way with their staff.”  

The partnership was agreed with the athletes’ agency, The Athlete Media Group, and runs for a 12 month period from March 14th.

Amber Keegan 📸 credit: GB Swimstars

Written by Mark Middlemas, CEO & Founder, AMG