december19 become official supporters of the IPA Climate Charter


We are well on the way to becoming a B Corp certified business, using business as a force for good is at the centre of everything we do. This has become part of our identity and we have put in place initiatives to ensure our agency is constantly improving our impact on the environment.

  • We set an objective for 100% of staff to complete IPA Ad Net Zero certificate
  • Living and breathing the values of the agency when it comes to sustainability day to day is something we actively focus on but completely understanding the detail behind the issues is key to ensuring we are effectively having a positive impact on the environment.
  • As a CPD Gold accredited agency the Ad Net Zero certificate is a key qualification we want all of our team members to achieve, thus arming them with the knowledge to plan and buy considerately as well as live considerately.
  • A thorough supplier & client screening has been carried out to ensure all are aligned with our mission & vision taking into account the full supply chain.
  • We carried out a full audit across all clients and suppliers and have written policies in place for ethical marketing, advertisement, or customer engagement. The responsibility doesn’t start or end with us so we must monitor this carefully.
  • A pledge to incorporate CAN principles into our briefs and RFPs as common practice. The CAN manifesto is an important part of our planning process, with the core principles informing the direction we take with our campaigns. Being aware of the issues such as misinformation, hate speech, and diversity and inclusion is crucial as we are passionate about our responsibility as a media agency to move the industry forward.
  • We are dedicated to being accountable for creating and providing a diverse and inclusive workplace.

We are aware that we are never just one demographic and that identities combine in many ways. At december19 there is no bias and we believe that diversity is deeper than demographics. We provide our team members with the tools to learn the mindsets and behaviours that support this belief. We want everybody in the team to be a role model of inclusive leadership and for everyone to feel like they belong.

Written by Gemma Nuvoletta, Client Lead, december19