The CB Warrior challenge!


As we say a welcome Hello to 2022 the d19 team continue our January tradition and sit down to make promises of good intentions with our New Year resolutions. Reflecting along the way on the successes and fails of last year’s predictions we see how some were more successful than others…

  • Do more yoga – completed  – We’re all very zen here 😊  
  • Cold showers – completed – Wim Hof won us over 😊  
  • Relearn to speak French / Italian – Malheureusement non
  • Drink less wine, drink more water – Sadly completed 😉
  • Veganuaryish – There’s always next year!

This year the focus is clear, with our inspirational new client Courtney Black on board, we are inspired, we are energised and we will be CB Warriors!

All armed with our subscriptions to the Courtney Black app, we are raring to go. The app guides us through a January fitness challenge, with something for everyone. There are daily live workouts to do from the gym or home, yoga and weekly meal plans.  Great recipes for those missing the home comforts a dreary January needs, anything from a ‘Low Calorie Full English’ to ‘Courtney’s very own Big Mac burger and Fries’,  now we can make healthier and delicious meal choices.

So how did we do? Courtney has certainly transformed a few of the team into CB Warriors, some have a little way to go. What we do know for sure is the guidance of the Courtney Black app made the month a whole lot cheerier in yet another January lockdown and, that we have all perfected the art of the burpee!

And as true warriors we soldier on, the Courtney Black March challenge is all teed up ready to go. If there’s anyone out there who wants an easy and effective way to make healthier choices and have a bit of fun at the same time, download the app and join us!  Courtney Black App

Written by Amber Stephens, Account Manager, d19