Come back stronger …


Come back stronger … a mantra I have been drumming into my head since mid March when things took a sharp turn for the worse.

At the time I was halfway through the Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business programme (highly recommend for any SME owners) which meant I was spending more time than ever thinking about the future of d19: where we were at, where we were heading, where we wanted to be and most importantly how we were going to get there.

The course in its planned form was cancelled and reimagined. I can bore or inspire you with this another day. I will say though, having the support of fellow business owners was invaluable through the darkest of days and helped maintain the ‘come back stronger‘ mantra as a loud and clear internal voice. 

Now, six months on from the first day I muttered the words ‘come back stronger’ what have we done, won, lost, and found…

Moved office, launched new creds and websites

Delighted to say it’s five new client partnerships secured during lockdown. A fantastic mix of D2C, FMCG, local government, health and tech.

New client #1 – Belazu
The British indie ingredient company that respect and add value to ingredients.

New client #2 – Material Focus
A Government backed initiative to raise awareness of electrical recycling across the UK.

New client #3 – USN
One of the fastest growing sports nutrition brands in the world.

New client #4 – Peoples Energy
An ethical energy company on a mission to end fuel poverty, for good.

New client #5 – Sign In App
One of the worlds fastest growing visitor management apps.

Lost (pitches)
We have lost a couple of pitches which broke our hearts, but you cannot dwell too long on those. We learn, we move on.

New ways of maintaining and growing the team culture whilst building rapport with new clients.

So, are we coming back stronger?

Most definitely…and I must finish by praising the team here at d19 for remaining strong and positive throughout these difficult times.  

Written by Dave Barnett, Co-founder / MD, d19