We’re unstoppable optimists who get things done

When the global recession hit, our founders were made redundant within six months of each other. But they weren’t fazed. They saw it as an opportunity to break free of industry norms and do things differently. So they joined forces and created December 19.

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We believe in growth, not greed

We’ve seen enough to know corporate greed can only lead to bad things. So for us, media planning and buying isn’t about how to make the quickest buck. It’s about taking a sustained, intelligent approach, with enduring results. Whatever your budget.

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We have everything to give, and nothing to hide

We founded this company with the promise of 100% transparency. A new, honest way of doing business, post-recession. We still live by that, every single day. It means we’ll always go the extra mile to get you the results you need.

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Our vision

We see our business as an opportunity to share a sense of purpose with our clients. Your success is our success and as you grow, we do too. We’re building a culture to challenge the way that agencies and clients work together.