Trust, it’s more than just putting a word on the office wall

Last week the following Adweek headline grabbed my attention:

‘40% of marketers distrust their agency partner’

On further investigation, the headline came following the latest bi-yearly ID Comms 2018 Global Media Transparency Report which also stated that the level of trust had dropped 11% from their last report in 2016. This worrying trend downwards, already falling from a low base, continues in spite of the fact every agency seems to have ‘trust’ or ‘transparency’ as a core value in the wake of the ANA findings.

It got me thinking about the current level of trust surrounding December 19. The importance of trust has always been a core value of ours from inception 8 years ago but it felt a good time to find out if we were just talking the talk as well. On that basis, I decided to ask our clients and partners directly to understand what they thought.

A simple two question survey, exactly mirroring the questions in the ID Comms report, was sent out to all our partners, at all levels.

Fortunately, as you can see in the chart above. December 19’s core value of trust remains strong. The findings told us that an encouraging 87% of our clients said their levels of trust in December 19 specifically were ‘high’ (39%) or ‘very high’ (48%) yet only 22% in total would say the same when thinking of the wider agency industry.

Food for thought certainly but also the striking reality that none of us who talk about trust can afford to rest on our laurels when clients place, quite rightly, such a big focus on the issue of trust.

Written by Dave Barnett, Co-founder, December 19