Torture at the Tower of London

On the 8th May, December 19 walked / crawled / ran a combined distance of 115km at the Tower of London on behalf of The British Heart Foundation.

The run is 10 laps on the grounds of The Tower of London which seems a lot more difficult than running a route from point A to B as the scenery doesn’t change and the same people can overtake you two to three times…very demoralising!

A big thank you to everyone from D19 for taking part (14 out of 15 staff). Amy, Dave, Martin and Sam Harrison were the competitive bunch as they tried to out-run each other whilst the rest were happy to do their own pace.

Ultimately there was no beating Amy who was the quickest D19er, lapped most of us numerous times, smashing her personal best of 44 mins and was the fastest female of the entire race!

Safe to say that after battling the elements of torrential rain, hail and thick mud – we were all overjoyed to pass that finish line and be greeted by a foil blanket and a pint down the Woolpack.

Thank you very much to everyone that has sponsored us, we have managed to raise over an incredible £2,700. In raising over £2k we have helped to fund a research programme led by a scientist in a lab with their own group of young researchers for an entire week! It’s not too late to donate if you would like to:

Written by Amber Stephens – Account Executive