December 19 have moved!

After two fantastic years at 64 Maltings Place, we are proud to say that we have outgrown our office and have had to upsize. As key members of the removal team, fortunately for us we didn’t have to go too far and can now be found next door at number 62-63.

After packing our bags (well, crates) there were some less pleasant tasks to deal with, including sorting through some suspect items from the fridge, some of which dated back to 2013. Ewww.

As well as our expanding team which now totals 11 members we are proud to announce some other additions including a coffee machine, a biscuit jar and our very own boardroom (which grumpy Dan has insisted we all call the bored-room.). This meeting room is actually due to get a very unique makeover thanks to street artist and friend of December 19, Jet97.

We are pleased to report that the team are all settling in nicely, with more space between desks, more space to think, more space for random paraphernalia and definitely more cups of tea being drank. The size of the new office also gives us the chance to support fellow small businesses as we grow, and we look forward to welcoming others into the building very soon.


Needless to say, not everyone is happy with the move. Our modest collection of beers, wines and spirits known as Decem-bar-19 now sits swamped by its surroundings, and is definitely in need of some additions. This should be one new-adjustment that is relatively easy to fix!

Cheers to our new home!