Viking Cruises


Market leader in river cruises, Viking Cruises had grown exponentially since their creation, launching into ocean cruises in 2013. With a new phase of expansion planned and ambitious growth targets ahead, we were invited to review their approach to media planning and buying (starting with Print), in order to maximise their spend and their competitive advantage.


Present an evaluation of Viking Cruises existing media strategy and recommend revised plans which will:
– Support year-round sales for River and maintain its leader status
– Drive awareness and sales of new Ocean proposition
– Differentiate River and Ocean from the competition


ABC1 Adults 50+

Although the nature of river and ocean cruises differ, both audiences are typically empty nesters, united by their love of travel, good food and expanding their horizons.


Media consumption habits for river and ocean cruisers were largely the same, so we quickly identified that adjustments had to be made within selected media channels. Our recommendation set out to reduce duplication and wastage and extract the maximum value from the budget by taking a more strategic approach. Using both the objectives and the characteristics of river and ocean cruises as a base, we set out two interdependent plans differentiated by title selection, formats, positioning and phasing.


Versus a typical month’s plan of activity, our new revised plan:

Increased overall number of insertions by 44% with only 9% increase in budget

Increased overall reach of the campaign by 9% for River, and by 7% for Ocean

Reduced average CPT by 24%