The Lounge Co.

Our task

The Lounge Co. tasked us to increase web traffic, brand search and store football to drive overall sales.

Target audience

Core audience of ABC1 female across different touchpoints in their commute.

Our insight

The UK sofa market is hugely competitive, fuelled by the rise of online-first retailer such as Made, and Loaf moving into traditional bricks & mortar showrooms.

Our solution

Based on a fragmented purchase journey due to the rise in ‘showrooming’ (customers visiting a store to test products then making their purchase at home online) we wanted to mimic a national brand launch to build awareness in London and
The South.
A campaign was launched in October 2018 which focused on female commuters to ensure that they couldn’t use the tube without seeing the campaign; surrounding them on their daily routine built trust and reassurance with the frequency of messaging. This was achieved via tactical Rail and Underground 48 sheets, solus FH strips in the London Evening Standard and heavyweight tube car panels.


86% Jump in flagship store revenue YoY.

44% Growth in web session