Neilson Active Holidays

Our task

Increase brand awareness amongst Neilson’s three core audiences and break down the perception barriers.

Target audience

Upmarket families, younger active singles and wealthy retirees.

Our insight

Families (peak season) perceived Neilson Holidays as expensive while younger and older audiences (off peak season) were put off by the ‘family only’ perception.

Our solution

Undertaking TGI data analysis, we created a bespoke media and creative matrix which acted as the foundation of the campaign. This linked to eight creative executions which tackled head-on the various misconceptions around the brand (e.g. it’s only for people with kids, they only provide high intensity activities, I won’t be able to relax).
Relevant creatives were placed across almost twenty titles via a variety of full pages and front half strips to provide the stand-out required to increase brand awareness. Tactical OOH awareness bursts were used in London & South alongside digital publisher activity to boost sales in key airport hubs.


10% Brand awareness shift from 6% to 10% during October 2018 and February 2019.

35% Shift from 31% of target audience agree Neilson are ‘experts in active holidays’ during the same period.


"On a modest budget, december19 were able to help us significantly move key brand metrics that supported strong sales for the period. Their commercial approach and collaborative team meant they were, and still are, a pleasure to work with."

  Chief Marketing Officer

Neilson Active Holidays