Monarch Airlines


A new client to December 19, we were appointed to propose a smarter offline media strategy, beginning with their tactical Post-Easter campaign.


Very simple – drive seat sales at a key booking time of year. We were also expected to stretch the budget further than what had been achieved in the past.


Specific Monarch customer segments that favoured short-breaks and city breaks.


Through heavy audience analysis, we could see that the sweet-spot media vehicle to drive ticket sales was National Press. We also proposed a scaling back of Radio which appeared to under-perform against most key Monarch segments. We identified key print publications, formats, positions which would make the advertising work as hard as possible and executed numerous campaigns around key sales periods.


Despite print budget decreasing by 16% YOY, major improvements were made to the schedule. Previously excluded titles could now be included contributing to a 17% increase in GRPS verses Monarch core audience. We also achieved strong positions including front page sites as well as 75% ads in the first quartile vs 62% first quartile YOY. An average 23% was saved on SCC rates across titles previously used and added value increased by 45%. Radio CPT was also reduced by 11% despite overall radio budget being reduced by 29%


"Down to earth, hard-working, transparent, experienced and well connected. Just some of the qualities we were looking for when moving away from the large agency environment and with December 19 we have never looked back. Dave, Dan and the team continue to deliver fantastic results campaign after campaign. Not only do we receive consistently high levels of service, but we also gain from their years of experience whether this be through strategic planning or buying."

James Crosby   Marketing & Brand Manager

Monarch Airlines