Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

Our task

Family owned brand ‘Jimmy’s’ Iced Coffee prides its drinks on being an ethically sourced and a refreshing ‘pick me up’. Their goal is to increase national brand awareness and share in the market.

Target audience

Core audience of 18-34 year old students.

Our insight

The RTD iced coffee market is a hit amongst millennials and continues to rapidly grow but is overshadowed by coffee giants (the likes of Starbucks and Nescafe).

Our solution

d19 created a day in the life of a student audience using Touchpoints data. We were able to create a media plan to target the elusive audience in their ‘need states’. We deployed a geo-targeted OOH campaign focusing on sites within close proximity to universities and key distributors, ensuring we could pinpoint the students in their need states (tired / hungover / studying / at the gym) urging them to ‘#GoGetSome’ Jimmy’s.


X2 National brand awareness almost double from 6.9% (Oct 2017) to 11.06% (Oct 2018).

60% Saving vs market rate card by running a short term campaign.