Henry London Watches


Launched in October 2015, Henry London fashion watches benefit from all the quality craftsmanship of their top-end competitors, but without the high price-tag. Despite growing distribution, sell through was suffering with the brand struggling to establish awareness in a crowded marketplace characterised by big spenders. With a new creative direction, we were approached to reevaluate the effectiveness of their media plans and support repositioning and sales in the run up to Christmas 2016.


Reevaluate media strategy in order to maximise brand awareness, and visibility of new creative

Drive sales increase (yoy), on and offline in the run up to Christmas 2016


ABC1 18-34, urbanites.

The complexity of Christmas purchasing meant that we had to identify a target audience suitably broad enough to capture self-purchasers and gifters, and accommodate the unisex nature of the creative. This audience was identified by marrying existing purchasers, with key brand attributes and TGI lifestyle statements.


Previous campaigns were characterised by monthly magazines, dominated year-round by competitor portfolios. We continued the relationship with Print, but shifted spend into Newspapers and Magazines which reached out to urbanites, provided scope for frequent messaging, benefited from a dual male/female readership and from low competitive clutter. We also included disruptive formats to gain standout and hero new creative during this busy retail period. Digital media also provided potential, but with complex online channel conflict, Digital activity was focussed on in-house, social and content marketing. Estimated print campaign delivery was 30% of ABC1 Adults 18-34, 2.4 million individuals.


Final print campaign reached 32% of ABC1 Adults 18-34, which was 2.6 million individuals.

D19 negotiated an additional 43% added value with selected media partners.

Print positions were early and prominent in Newspapers, with many insertions benefiting from clever tactical editorial placements.

Placement in Metro, 12th December was named Newsworks Print Ad of the Day and our favourable relationships supported Henry London in securing valuable editorial coverage in a number of our chosen titles.

Offline campaign instrumental at driving online success, with 114% increase in direct traffic YOY, which can be attributed in part to the print campaign which was the only source using this direct URL. 42% of these were new users. There was also visible impact on brand search.

73% direct online transactions/sales occurred on the dates that selected publications went on sale, with the majority in London reflecting the geographical bias of publications.