Are you smashing work? Or is it smashing you?

December 19 are proud to announce, in collaboration with Craft Media London who created the strategy, the launch of our first campaign with The Film and TV Charity. Since 1924, The Film & TV Charity have been providing support to individuals and families within the industry when facing financial, health and career challenges and are embarking on their first paid advertising campaign aiming to build awareness of the brand with a specific focus on tackling mental health issues: they want to position themselves as a focal point of positivity in an industry that often lacks support for thousands. Using video creative (click here) that uses the tag line Are you smashing work? Or is it smashing you? we have focused on a social only recommendation running across LinkedIn, FB, IG & YouTube for 3 weeks. Aligning with PR support, the video will drive awareness but also includes a DR mechanic with a click through to take part in the biggest ever film and tv industry wellbeing survey – The Looking Glass – with the purpose of understanding how the industry impacts on this. The survey answers will then be used to improve services and advise other industry bodies.

Written by Sam Griffith, Operations Director.