6 things we’ve learned this month

Guardian Changing Media Summit

Media conference season is well and truly upon us and December 19 have been out and about hearing about the latest trends, opportunities and opinions. Here are 6 things we’ve learned this month:

  1. Cinema continues to evolve to keep pace with the needs of audiences and brands

Some newer members of the team attended DCM’s Introduction to Cinema Day in the impressive Picture House Central. Aside from greater interaction for digital 6 sheets and enhanced sampling in foyers, the new cinemapper tool is proving useful for proximity planning and identifying an advertisers optimal cinema locations.

  1. A reminder that people are more important than data

Speaking at the Guardian Changing Media Summit, Sir John Hegarty voiced his refreshing reminder that brands can only stand out by being something different and warned that obsession with data can breed more of a ‘me too’ approach. This was echoed by BBH’s Pelle Sjoenell who talked about data as a consequence of something, versus an idea being a catalyst.

  1. Mobile still poses a huge opportunity, but must be tackled properly

Guardian Changing Media Summit also threw light on the more positive impact of data. With mobile is still on the increase (with a predicted 75% of internet traffic going through smartphones by 2020) there is a need for the industry to explore how best to reach consumers through this medium.

  1. Pamco looks set to transform industry metrics on newsbrands

Speaking at Shift 2016, Simon Redican unveiled PAMCO’s ambition to work towards a joint industry currency for newsbrands that we can trust.  Working with a 5000-strong all device digital panel which will not just dedupe digital and print readers, but will capture mobile audiences, from Q3 2017 agencies and clients should have more accurate delivery figures for cross channel media plans across all major newsbrands.

  1. Small brands are leading the way in video

With video on the rise among media owners – such as The Sun using video in 70% of online articles and the British Film Institute making use of it extend its reach beyond London,  Amy Cole from Instagram highlighted the successful efforts of smaller brands using beautiful videos and images to tell their story.

  1. People-focus, expert insight and creativity should help to future-proof agencies

On a recent panel discussion around ‘Agencies of the future’ Mediacom CEO Josh Krichefski spoke of technology and data as merely being an ‘enabler’ to agencies performing their role. The real areas where agencies add value to client business remain to be employing an interesting cross-section of people and personalities, together with leveraging creativity and expert insight. No amount of number crunching and technology can replace this.